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What is Security Posture?




The world of cybercrime is an ever growing and evolving industry worth billions. Along with this evolution, new vocabulary is developing in unison. A new addition is the concept of Security Posture.


What is Security Posture?

The security posture of an organisation refers to its overall security strength across multiple areas of the IT estate. Traditionally, security solutions have been fragmented with a large volume of organisations believing that a secure ‘network’ makes for good security posture, this is not true. To truly improve security posture and minimise your overall cyber risk, organisations of today must take a holistic approach by reviewing security across multiple areas of the organisation.


The Voyager Approach

Voyager has developed its own technology focused framework to assess the posture of your organisation. Our framework is an amalgamation of the key areas from NCSC’s ‘10 Steps to Cyber Security’ and the 2018 Cyber Essentials blue print and focusses on 8 key areas of your organisation’s IT to provide a truly holistic approach.

We take into consideration bare metal network and security devices, wireless infrastructure, cloud services, web and email protections, remote working technologies and policies, end user policy & control, and more.


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Download our Training Overview

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