Effective network security posture

Implementing a comprehensive network infrastructure security strategy involves a combination of technologies and practices to create a layered defence that addresses various potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Regular updates, monitoring, and response mechanisms are essential components of an effective network security posture.

In addition to the design, implementation, and support of Security Solutions we offer a range of Security Assessment Services to identify vulnerabilities across your network, devices and applications.

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Our Security Solutions

Security Assessment Services

Voyager offers a suite of assessment services to identify vulnerabilities across your network, devices, and applications. Assessment results are analysed, and recommendations provided based on industry and manufacturer best practice guidelines. Voyager adopts a three phased approach:

  • Phase 1: Assess and Identify
  • Phase 2: Pan and Protect
  • Phase 3: Monitor and Respond

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Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure security solutions protect critical systems and assets against physical and cyber threats. This includes hardware and software assets such as end-user devices, data centre environments, networking systems, and cloud resources. Solutions include firewall implementation, multi-factor authentication, encryption technologies and network monitoring.

Data Security

Data security presents a growing challenge to businesses as more data is generated and stored in more locations (core data centres, colocations, multiple clouds, and edges). Additionally, the number of devices connecting to an enterprise network is increasing due to BYOD (bring-your-own-device) policies, IOT adoption and hybrid working accelerates the security threat meaning that a growing number of endpoints and entry points into enterprise networks must be protected.

Enterprise endpoint security measures include URL filtering, anti-virus tools, sandboxing, secure email gateways, and endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools. Data encryption technologies also help protect data by encoding it so that only users with the correct decryption key may access it.

Location And Identity Security

Location and Identity Security Solutions, (for example, Cisco DNA Spaces), allow the tracking of objects and people and display the results on a web-based dashboard that’s easy to use and immediately available. The technology provides significant benefits in campus organisations where there are multiple items of equipment and people to connect. Typical environments are hospitals, universities, warehouses, and hospitality. Voyager can demonstrate its solutions and provide user references.

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