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As a specialist in network and cyber security, we can assist our clients to assess posture, implement next generation solutions and monitor threats for a holistic approach to security.


& Identify

& Protect

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In addition to the design, implementation and support of your security environment we offer a range of Security Assessment Services to identify vulnerabilities across your network, devices and applications. Assessment results are analysed and recommendations provided based on industry and manufacturer best practice guidelines.

Voyager works with a number of the leading Security vendors including:


Security Threat Landscape



$450B Size of the cybercrime industry in 2016

50B Devices connected by 2020 (66% mobile)

2.3ZB Annual global IP traffic by 2020 (3x grow in 5 years)


65% Of attacks evade existing security tools

85% Of intrusions aren’t discovered for weeks

54% Of breaches remain undiscovered for months


25% Of users spend their worktime off network

65% Of companies use 6+ security solutions

28% Of top security constrains is product compatibility


Note: Data referenced from Cisco


Phase 1 - Assess & Identify

Firewall Security Review

Voyager offers a comprehensive firewall security review service to overhaul your stateful or next-generation appliances and improve border security. We use years of security experience aligned with industry best practice frameworks to harden the management plane of your device and undertake a full review and optimisation of your rule base.

Vulnerability Scanning

Voyager use industry leading tools and in-house security experts to scan, enumerate and identify vulnerabilities on your external environment.

Security Posture Review

For a holistic approach to your cyber security posture, Voyager has developed its own technology focused framework which is an amalgamation of the key areas from NCSC’s “10 Steps to Cyber Security” and the 2018 Cyber Essentials blue print. The Security Posture Review service to designed to assess and identify key areas for improvement on your IT security estate, the policies and processes that support it, and the personnel that use it.

Phishing Simulation

Voyager offer phishing simulation activities to assess end user threat response and to educate on organisation targeted phishing attacks.

Phase 2 - Plan & Protect

User Awareness Training

Users are the largest and one of the easiest entry point for cyber criminals to penetrate your organisation. Voyager can offer both remote and on-site user awareness training in key areas to improve user vector security and reduce the risk of user enabled cyber attacks.

Professional Services

Voyager can confidently offer professional services covering a multitude of next-generation security vendors to suit your more bespoke requirements.


Working with key next-generation security vendors and equipped with over 20 years experience in the network and security channel, Voyager can offer technology solutions to help better protect your organisation from cyber threat. We have the capability to consult, design, implement and support technical solutions based on requirements discovered from our ‘Assess & Identify’ activities.

Phase 3 - Monitor & Respond


Voyager aims to secure your environment, and keep it secure. This is achieved by the service offerings under our NetSecure contract.

NetSecure is the amalgamation of managed vulnerability scanning, security event monitoring and threat management. These offerings can help you to maintain the integrity of your security investments for years to come.

NetSecure is available in the following three levels of service:

Service Level Offering
Level 1 Quarterly Vulnerability Scanning and Enumeration
Level 2 Level 1, with Security Event Monitoring and Alerting
Level 3 Full Threat Management


Download our Security Datasheets below

Vulnerability Scanning


Firewall Security Review


Security Posture Review


Phishing Simulation


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