Enabling the Hybrid Worker

The balance between office and home-working

For many years companies and public organisations, across multiple sectors, have been looking at business models to incorporate a balance between office and home-working for their employees to offer a better work/life balance and to reduce real estate costs. Progress had been slow whilst executives considered the many challenges – productivity, management, motivation, collaboration, technology were all important considerations.


Roll-on to 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic and it is estimated that the process has been accelerated by at least twenty years.



Pre-pandemic it was estimated that between 15% and 18% of employees worked remotely fully or part-time.


Figures vary however it is estimated that these, depending on sector, will increase to 35% - 40% post pandemic.

Home Working

The day of the hybrid worker has arrived and is here to stay.

Most organisations, even if they had started on the journey, were largely unprepared for mass home-working. Tactical home-working solutions were deployed at speed to ensure business continuity. Suppliers and customers worked together in an precedented way.

The final outcome for the future of working is not yet decided and will vary significantly between industry sectors and departmental job roles. Experience during the last six months has identified measurable business benefits however has also identified a number of challenges to be overcome:



  • Technology can be deployed rapidly to enable change in working practices
  • Improvement in worker satisfaction – work/life balance
  • Productivity maintained or improved
  • Increased collaboration across geographies and departments
  • Improved employee retention and recruitment
  • Reduction in business costs


  • Technology fit – best solutions and practices
    • Strategic solutions versus tactical deployments
    • Connectivity, Platforms, Collaboration, Security
  • Employee Management
    • Best work practice principles
    • Productivity measurement and control
    • Employee wellbeing
  • Managing IT budgets and transition

Our Approach

We use a 3 step strategic approach to IT consultancy to implement your ideal hybrid working solution.


Identify desired outcomes for hybrid working.



Data gathering on current working practices and technologies.



Recommend best-fit solution and deployment roadmap.

Following the consultancy phase we can progress to detail design, implementation and support of your hybrid worker environment.

Cisco Secure Remote Worker

Find out more about one of our long-term remote working solutions, Cisco Secure Remote Worker. Cisco's range of secure solutions ensure your workforce can work from any connection on any device, whilst protecting users from malware threats.

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Download our Training Overview

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