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Software Support for Unified Communications


Choose the support that’s right for your business

Your company relies on its communications infrastructure to keep everyone connected anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


Your collaboration environment is a strategic competitive differentiator in today’s digital world. Maintaining high availability and adoption rates with minimal risk are only the basic expectations from your internal customers. Selecting the right level of technical support is the first step to achieve the full potential of your infrastructure.

That is where Software Support for Unified Communications from Cisco Support Services comes into play. With three options of support to choose from (Basic, Enhanced, and Premium), this offer is designed to enable faster business outcomes, keep your company up to date with the latest technology, and give you peace of mind when it matters.


  • Increased uptime through rapid resolution of software incidents and proactive support and IT adoption
  • Better support experience with direct access to product experts
  • Faster return on your software investment, with onboarding assistance and seamless integration of the software into your current environment and workflows

To accelerate the deployment and adoption of your software, get advice and support on its business, enhancing features, and support hybrid deployments, the Enhanced and Premium options provide incremental, high-value service benefits. You get configuration assistance, direct access to subject matter experts, faster response times, priority queuing, adoption services, and proactive support. With onboarding training, you’ll help ensure that your IT team is quickly able to deploy your solution.

How do I decide which level is right for my business?


Some questions to consider while choosing your service option include:

  • How critical it is to achieve fast adoption of our collaboration technology?
  • Do we take advantage of all features available in our collaboration suites that would allow us to achieve faster business outcomes?
  • Would my team benefit from sharing of best practices and from training?
  • Do we need case escalation management and actionable support intelligence?

These are just a few questions for you to consider. At Voyager, we want to make sure that you have the right level of support for your unified communications platform solution and your business.

Next steps

Your Voyager account manager can help you choose between the Basic, Enhanced, and Premium levels. To learn more about Cisco Support Services and unified communication, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Download our Training Overview

Download our Training Overview

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