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Push team Collaboration to new boundaries with Webex Teams


Cisco Webex Teams empowers your workforce to reach their goals together. It changes the way we think about team dynamics and breaks existing tool paradigms. Webex Teams lets users choose the tool that meets their unique challenges and work styles, whether they are inside or outside of a company.

Freedom to collaborate

  • Webex Teams give teams a workspace whether working from a mobile device, personal laptop or in an office conference room.
  • Webex Teams provides access to common calendar, messages, content and multiple tools. Either within the app itself or connected to it through bots, API or integrations.
  • Anyone included in a Webex Teams space can send messages, create and edit a white board, share files and integrate with third party apps.

Seamless Intergration

  • Webex Teams allows users to edit files stored in Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft SharePoint Online from within the Cisco client.
  • Calendar integration is available for Outlook and Google calendars, thus all of the joining instructions are right there in one place, whether for a team meeting, a Zoom or a BlueJeans meeting, someone external has invited a team member to.

True Collaboration with Webex Teams

  • Webex Teams gives you a platform where you can meet before the meeting begins. This means work can start prior to the meeting.
  • During the meeting, everyone is an equal participant. Team productivity enhances as anyone can mute noisy participants / record the meeting without having to disrupt the flow of the meeting.
  • The collaboration continues after meeting. The space can be used to post meeting notes and slides, access any whiteboard or annotations or automatically upload meeting records. As teams collaborate within the team space, this is all available for the next meeting.

Cisco Webex Teams truly makes work more collaborative and teams more productive.

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