AI-Powered Customer Interactions with Converse 360

Enhance your customer experience.

Watch our 25-minute webinar by Voyager and Converse 360 to discover how AI can reshape your customer interactions.

What Is It About?

Our AI-Powered Customer Interactions webinar with Converse 360 will feature Director of Converse 360, Richard Brown, as a speaker.

We will explore the transformative power of AI in enhancing customer interactions and service, for example, how AI technology like Converse 360’s Assist-Me platform is revolutionising customer service.

Assist-Me facilitates end-to-end digital self-service, allowing organisations to automate interactions with AI-powered chatbots and voice assistants. It also integrates seamlessly with business applications, telephony systems, and contact centres, incorporating a range of technologies.

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What Is Covered?

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to AI in Customer Service.
  • Innovative Customer Interaction Techniques using AI.
  • Improving Customer Engagement through AI.
  • Case Studies of AI Implementation.
  • Future Trends in AI and Customer Service.

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