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Simplified End-to-End Automated Customer Engagements.

  • Customer Interfaces

    Offer customers dynamic and intuitive self-service through multiple channels.

  • Orchestration

    An intuitive and powerful portal for management and orchestration.

  • Knowledge Discovery

    Present answers from pre-trained data and from dynamic information discovery.

  • AI & Speech Technology

    Utilise the best of conversational AI with the technology from the leading enterprise speech providers.

  • Identification & Verification (ID&V)

    Request the identity and verification information from the user and then confirm identity and authenticate the user through a secure connection

  • Integrations

    To replicate advisor access to different applications the platform becomes a central hub for inter-connecting disparate systems.

Introducing converse360

A Powerful and Intuitive No-Code / Low-Code Customer Service Automation Platform

converse360 Overview

Communications between businesses and customers is changing. The Assist-Me platform is enabling next generation AI technology to stand in front of your existing Contact Centres and communication systems to offer instant first response on any channel and hand-off to your teams only if required. Think of your customer service teams automating and triaging interactions using chatbots, digital assistants and virtual agents for first contact, and then passing complex enquiries to human advisors. Using the strengths of virtual and live when each is appropriate.



converse360's Customer Service Automation Platform.

Let customers engage with you in new and different ways.


Introducing Assist-Me by converse360

Simplified integrations to your systems, knowledgebases, and enterprise data

Powerful Low-Code drag and drop framework to build integrations and processes.

Flexible and open, connect to any/all of your business application.

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Why converse360

Outstanding Customer Experience (CX)

  • 43%

    Reduction in Live Chat requests.

  • 90 sec

    Reduction in average Live Chat time.

  • 100%

    Return on Investment (ROI) in less than 6 months.

converse360 for Social Housing

converse360 can integrate into software from a number of Housing Management providers either with direct integrations or through partnerships with specialist providers. Where integrations are not already in place we can use low-code methods to connect with any software system that has the appropriate API’s.

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Download our Training Overview

Download our Training Overview

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