Email Security

Email is simultaneously a primary business communication channel and the top threat vector for the distribution of cyber attacks.

Sophisticated cybercriminals increasingly rely on email to deliver ransomware and other advanced malware quickly and effectively. The goal of these cyber attacks may ultimately be to extort money or to steal your company’s intellectual property or even the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of your employees. Complicating matters, the growing adoption of cloud mailbox services like Office 365 opens up the opportunity for a blended attack. Unfortunately, the default security levels for many existing cloud-based email solutions may be too limited to deliver adequate protection.



Reduce threats from ransomware by automatically removing risky file attachments.


Protect against phishing attacks by dropping, rewriting, or replacing malicious links within an email.


Defend against business email compromise with enhanced authentication controls for senders and targets.

Block ransomware, business email compromise, and phishing attacks

Adding Cisco Email Security with AMP to your Office 365 email solution strengthens your defenses against ransomware, business email compromise, and phishing attacks.

Try Cisco Email Security

With our solution you can:

  • Stop current and emerging threats with comprehensive threat intelligence
  • Protect against spam, fraudulent senders, and risky files and URLs, with a real-time analysis of potentially malicious links, for advanced threat protection
  • Prevent data loss, secure sensitive information in transit, and help ensure compliance
  • Retroactively remove a malicious attachment and delete it from a user’s inbox even if it originally seemed to be legitimate, with O365 mailbox autoremediation

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Download our Training Overview

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