Our environmental sustainability goals

The Directors of Voyager Networks are committed to work with its employees and contractors to ensure that it conducts its operational activities in a manner that reduces the impact on the environment.

In line with the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR) Voyager is committed to achieving the following goals:

Carbon Neutrality by 2050

Carbon Footprint Reduction Plan

Based on a documented Carbon Reduction Plan we will measure and reduce our total carbon emissions from on-going operations (design, deployment and support of enterprise networks, security and collaboration solutions).

The target will be achieved through operational improvements including deployment and support practices and working with suppliers whose products meet environmentally sustainable manufacturing methods.

Voyager began calculating its carbon emissions in 2022 to establish a measurable baseline. Our performance against the baseline will be monitored on annual basis with the objective of having our emissions by 2035 and achieving the net zero by 2050.

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Zero E-Waste to Landfill by 2035

Waste Disposal

Part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR) is to reduce the environmental impact of waste disposal within the organisation.

This includes eliminating electronic waste (e-waste) sent to landfills including end-of-life computers, devices and electronic components which contain hazardous materials.

Instigated in early 20223 we have:

  • Engaged with WEEE Certified Recycler to safely, ethically and responsibly recycle assets which are no longer required by the business.
  • Donation of usable equipment, including desk-top computers and lap-tops to local community organisations.

We plan to communicate publicly via social-media and our website the results of our e-waste initiatives on an annual basis.

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