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Cisco Wireless - Going Beyond the Wireless Standards


Wireless deployments have broadly changed over the years, however today Wi-Fi is the primary form of access mechanism. The increase in wireless devices in the network presents a host of challenges. With a vision to deliver highly secure, manageable and extensible mobile-rich solutions that allows businesses to take advantage of and deliver on emerging opportunities and improve business operations, Cisco has launched an array of integrated mobility solutions that help customers build new connections between people, places and things.

Today the main requirements for modern networks go beyond reliable connectivity and include on boarding new devices securely and providing insights in to what is going on in the network. Cisco Wireless is built to address these challenges and the digital world of the future.

Flourishing in a wireless first environment

It has become very typical for someone to work throughout the day on wireless, even when they are at a desk where a wired port is available. Thus the use of wireless devices increases and demands on your network will increase. In order to provide a consistent wireless experience as it scales, Cisco is taking its solution beyond the wireless standards.

Cisco APs automatically adjusts for your wireless environments, especially for high density environments, with automatic persistent RF tuning and Flexible Radio Assignment technology. This technology automatically converts the second radio to 5Gz thereby adding additional capacity for networks of any size. All the relevant features are turned on by default, so you do not have to configure them. All devices ship with best practices turned on by default. This is the result of Cisco networking experience dealing with all types of customers from every corner of the world for over two decades. And with engagement and insights you get next generation location and customer engagement.

Keeping Bad Guys Out

Cisco APs have the wireless features needed to make sure that the network and its data are safe. The devices that connect users to the network need to be ironclad and secure. Cisco wireless allows you to do end to end segmentation for enterprise and guest users, get simple group policies and scale the system easily. If someone steals an AP from your network, the information contained on that device is encrypted, so that it cannot be seen. Few companies have the robust security and trustworthy systems that Cisco provides.

How do you enable and protect the IoT devices?

One way to provide secure connectivity to IoT devices and reduce SSIDs is with identity PSK. Provide devices that connect to your APs with a policy defined PSK key. If these devices fail or are compromised, simply remove them without changing the PSK key on all devices. Umbrella integration on the APs further provides protection from malicious and phishing sites.

Optimising the User Experience

Any issue in the network, whether it is a wired, routing or application issue always is blamed on wireless. Hence the user experience becomes very important for any wireless network today. You need to be able to understand what all applications are running in the network and be able to take control and perform the right action. Application visibility and control on Cisco wireless allows you to do this easily. For example you can block and rate limit an application which is hogging the bandwidth. Apple devices including MacBooks, iPads or iPhones are very popular today, thus optimising the experience for these devices is very critical. Through the Apple & Cisco partnership, all businesses can take advantage of the technology we have built in to our APs. This technology provides seamless roaming and priority for the business critical applications running on Apple devices. Cisco provides multiple options to manage your networks throughout your systems lifecycle, starting the moment you deploy and when you want to make changes on day end. Cisco has a free mobile app which you can use to monitor and view how the network is performing, or you can use the on box web UI or Cisco Prime DNA centre to make changes.

Whether you are a small business or large enterprise Cisco Wireless have you covered.

While these features provide great benefits, small to medium size businesses (SMB) require even more. SMB must be able to deploy networks that are easy to install and manage with minimal expertise. These wireless networks must provide a high level of performance within the limited budget requirements of the SMB market sector.

Cisco Mobility Express Solution

This Cisco Mobility Express provides customers with an easy to use and install solution that provides quick deployment under 10 minutes. All of the best practices are enabled, so that the customer need not worry about fine tuning the network. And what’s more, mobility express provides feature rich on premise enterprise quality solution to create predictive site surveys and proposals, deploy a wireless network, troubleshoot issues and even demonstrate value of analytics. All while serving networks of up to 100 APs ad and 2000 clients. With no additional licencing and controller hardware cost, Mobility express becomes the perfect fit for the small to medium market sector that may not have the resources or wireless expertise on staff.

With over 3 million 802.11ac wave 2 APs sold, Cisco are the number one enterprise Wi-Fi leader for networks of all sizes; with Cisco Mobility Express you can deploy a solution which is simple, secure and affordable for everyone.

Voyager Networks design, implement and support high performance enterprise networking solutions across all areas of a business. In addition to LANs, WANs and Wireless deployments we work with our clients to:

  • Review and upgrade existing enterprise network infrastructures
  • Identify and eliminate network bottlenecks
  • Wireless Surveys with report on signal strength, SNR and AP location heat maps
  • Integrate the latest security within the network
  • Build intelligent WAN solutions across multiple environments
  • Deliver cost-effective BYOD solutions
  • Ensure networks are ready for Cloud applications
  • Deliver a range of support services including enterprise network management for all or elements of the network


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