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Cisco Umbrella: A Cloud Delivered Security Platform


With increasing number of branch offices and remote workers, protecting your workforce has become critical where ever they access the internet. You need to be able to identify attacks as they are staged on the internet, so you can block them before they launch. Built in to the foundations of the internet, Cisco Umbrella provides you with the first line of defence against these threats and delivers security at the DNS and IP layers.



In the past, most of the applications and infrastructure we used at work sat behind a firewall. Employees came into a physical office and logged into the network to start working. Today, “the office” can be anywhere: a coffee shop, public transit, a remote destination. And as the parameter is expanding and blurring, users are bypassing the VPN. Data is bypassing perimeter security and flowing directly from mobile devices and apps to the cloud. With this change, the traditional security just can’t keep up.

Cisco Umbrella has built a reputation on easy deployment and powerful protection anywhere users go, on or off network, so you can build your security on a solution you can trust. Simply point your DNS to the global Umbrella network, and your entire organisation is covered in minutes. Powered by predictive intelligence, Umbrella acts as your first line of defence against threats. With Umbrella, you can see threats before they’re coming, and block them before they become attacks. It can identify already infected devices faster and prevent call-backs from exfiltrating data. Powerful threat intelligence could become information overload without the infrastructure to act on it. Umbrella has that horsepower, actively processing and enforcing more than 7 million unique malicious domains and IPs concurrently at the DNS layer. Every day, Umbrella analyses 175 billion internet requests, and 60,000+ new destinations are added to its block list. With Cisco Umbrella you can stop Phishing, Malware and Ransomware earlier. To put it simply, you’re going to see — and block — what other security solutions miss.


Let us look at some of the features and benefits of using Cisco Umbrella:

  • Complete Threat Protection - Block requests to malicious destinations before a connection is even established. You need to protect proactively — without adding any latency.
  • Visibility anywhere and everywhere - Get the visibility you need to protect internet access across devices, office locations, and roaming users — even off VPN.
  • Intelligence to see attacks before they happen - Automatically identify where attacker infrastructure is being staged by using the power of security research, Cisco Talos intelligence, and statistical models to learn from internet activity patterns.
  • Integrations to amplify your existing investments - Extend protection for devices and locations beyond your perimeter, reduce security alerts, and enrich your incident response data to remediate threats faster, before damage occurs.
  • Enterprise wide deployment in minutes - Get up and running in minutes. With 100% business uptime. No hardware to install. No software to manually update.

As a specialist in network and cyber security, Voyager Networks can assist organisations to assess posture, implement next generation web security solutions and monitor threats for a holistic approach to security. In addition to the design, implementation and support of your security environment we offer a range of IT Security Assessment Services to identify vulnerabilities across your network, devices and applications. To find out more about Voyager Networks and the IT solutions we can provide for your business, please get in touch.

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To find out more about Voyager Networks and the IT solutions we can provide for your business, please get in touch.



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