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Cisco Meraki - Leading Cloud-Managed Networking


Cisco Meraki is a 100% cloud-managed IT solution. Meraki allows you to centrally manage Wireless, switching, security, mobility management and communications, over the web. Devices in the Meraki Dashboard are contained within Organisations and Networks, making it easy to manage multiple sites at once. Operating in the cloud since 2006, Cisco Meraki is a leader in cloud-managed networking with tens of thousands of customers across all industries and over 100% annual growth. It has been recognised for innovation in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, InfoWorld Technology of the Year, CRN Coolest Technologies.

After more than a decade in business, Meraki continues to innovate, delivering the simplest, most powerful solutions around.

Secure out-of-band management - Cisco Meraki uses an out-of-band management architecture, meaning that only management data flows through the Meraki cloud infrastructure. No user traffic passes through Meraki's data centres, and your data stays in your network.

Reliable - In the event of cloud connectivity loss (which is most commonly caused by a local ISP or connection failure), the Meraki hardware device will continue to run with its last known configuration until cloud connectivity is restored.

Scalable - Meraki solutions are suitable for businesses of any size from small sites to large campuses and even distributed networks with thousands of sites can be deployed in branches without an IT workforce.

Future-proof - Seamless over-the-web upgrades deliver significant new features to your current products, increasing the value of your investment. This allows you to be always up-to-date with emerging device types and application profiles.

In this day and age IT isn’t just racks and cables in a server room, it is working with marketing, sales and the C-Suite to solve business problems. Its intelligent insights are giving you an edge in decision making and it’s giving you time back to focus on work that really matters. Voyager’s strength in developing long term strategic relationships with our customers has earned the trust of many well-known companies who will act as references. Projects that are well thought through and completed on time and within budget offer substantiated business and commercial benefits.

Voyager Networks is one of the most established, experienced and dynamic network integrators in the UK and is a leader in the provision of integrated voice, video and data networks services. In partnership with its clients, Voyager has been delivering innovative solutions since 1993. Voyager offers a comprehensive portfolio of service products designed to complement the customer’s own skills and deliver a complete High Performance Network Solution.

Meraki is powerful technology for everyone so get smart and work simple!

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Download our Training Overview

Download our Training Overview

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