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Cisco Spark.

CISCO Spark - one service for all communications.

Cisco Spark is a cloud-based service that provides a complete collaboration suite for teams to create, meet, message, call, whiteboard and share, regardless of whether they’re together or apart. It is a simple, secure, complete, and open service that enables people to work better.

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Bring together to create, communicate and collaborate in a one continuous workstream before, during, and after the meeting so teams can be even more effective, across any mobile or video device. Invite others to join meetings from their desk, a branch office, at home, or on the road.


The ability to exchange messages and share files with another person or a group of people. Message anyone. Choose someone from your company directory or simply enter anyone’s email address and start messaging customers, partners, anyone you need to work with.


Cisco Spark includes a cloud-based phone system. With Cisco Spark, you can make calls to any other Cisco Spark user in any company, as well as calling regular landline and mobile phones .You can make and receive calls from a phone connected to the Cisco Spark service in the office or from the Cisco Spark app on your mobile phone or desktop.

Simple – Secure – Complete - Open



Delivered entirely from the Cisco cloud, Cisco Spark is designed so that each activity makes the user and administrator experience simple and intuitive. It’s easy to use and easy to manage. And it’s offered on a simple subscription basis, so you can add services on demand, in the cloud or on-premises.


Our extensive experience securing the world’s largest networks, combined with our communications and cloud expertise, helps ensure that Cisco Spark is secure and reliable.



Our best collaboration tools in one complete service deliver a great experience regardless of location or device. Meet, message, and call anyone, anywhere, anytime. And because we host the service in our cloud, it’s always up to date.


Spark APIs and integrations are key to helping you to digitize your business. Self-enabled integrations and bots and easy-to-use APIs provide the ability to customize to your existing processes and workstreams.


Investment Protection

Using Cisco Spark Hybrid Services, customers can connect their existing Cisco call control (such as Unified Communications Manager, Business Edition 6000 or 7000, or Cisco Powered™ HCS services) to the meetings and messaging services hosted in the Cisco Collaboration Cloud. In addition, all phones and video devices supported by the Cisco Spark service provide simple registration and connection to the Cisco Spark service in the cloud.

Voyager Spark Services: Design - Deploy - Support

Voyager works with clients to review their existing communications environments and assess future requirements to develop a COLLABORATION ROADMAP to meet evolving business needs. Once a roadmap has been agreed Voyager will help deploy and support the solution on an on-going basis.

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